How We Started

SpringsTaxpayers.com was formed in 2017 to “educate and provide the truth to Colorado Springs and El Paso County taxpayers.” Although we originally began as an organization to fight a fee increase on the ballot, we knew we needed to stay active every day. We provide regular and timely information to concerned citizens, voters, residents, and property owners on the policies that impact them financially.

We have been successful, and we have impacted change in our area. Let us help you set up your own organization. Think: PuebloTaxpayers.com, TucsonTaxpayers.com, OmahaTaxpayers.com. You get the point!

YourTownTaxpayers is a project of SpringsTaxpayers.com. Membership and consulting fees are paid through SpringsTaxpayers.com. SpringsTaxpayers.com is organized as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. SpringsTaxpayers.com educates Colorado Springs and El Paso County taxpayers on local issues that impact them financially. There are no limits on the amounts that may be contributed to SpringsTaxpayers.com by an individual, corporation, union, or trade association. However, SpringsTaxpayers.com does not accept donations from foreign nationals. It is the policy of SpringsTaxpayers.com not to provide the names of its donors to the general public.